Case Study: Everton – New Kit Launch

We were appointed to produce digital content for the launch of Everton FC’s new Kits for the 22/23 season. The brief was to come up with the creative direction and content creation that reflected the club values and stood out to fans and football audiences.

We wanted the visuals of the new kit campaign to be simplistic and bold. We Incorporated coloramas that matched each of the different coloured kits. The primary on primary colouring helped bring bold colouring to the frame and a visual impact to the eye. The backdrop also helped to bring out the kit detail in its full glory.

We captured close-up shots of product details, highlighting some of the more intricate aspects of the kit’s design.

For the player poses in the 1st and 2nd kit we opted for a heroic pose – arms folded; holding a ball; front and side on shots – with a serious, determined-looking demeanour which correlated with the bold background.

This contrasted well with the photography for 3rd kit. The styling was fun and upbeat. We brought a different personality by having accessories and clothing inspired by real-life match outfits worn by fans themselves to attend matches.

The eye-catching posts have generated over 250k likes and views over Everton’s social media channels. The club also reported a 35% increase in sales for their 1st kit.

Take a look at some highlights from the first kit shoot