Case Study: Hilltop Honey – Content Strategy
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Hilltop were looking for a partner who could produce a range of content to support and align their campaigns for their marketing calendar year.

They were looking for video content, creative photography and still assets that could be used to elevate their social media presence and tell their brand story. Hilltop was already performing well amongst more affluent families and older adults, but they also wanted to appeal to a more price-conscious audience, without losing appeal amongst there more affluent customer segments.

They needed new creative concepts that would have impact and also be adaptable for new product lines planned for the coming year.

Our strategy was to create content for hilltop’s existing channels that fell into three content strands: Brand, Product & Seasonal.

Whilst content for each strand was linked through Hilltop’s strong brand identity, each will has its own recognisable approach, giving their channels variety and visual interest, so that content never looked stale or recycled, and could be mixed throughout the marketing calendar to react to any specific opportunity or activity.

Using the magic of animation we created a short documentary-style brand “promo” film, which told the story of Hilltop, authentically showcasing founder Scott and the business he grew from his back garden.

The video positioned Hilltop as a brand to trust, by giving it a human face and a recognisable, trustworthy appearance through natural and authentic imagery, demonstrating that Hilltop is proud of its origin and that of its honey.

We also produced a range of product-focused marketing assets, both photography and video, which gave a consistent and high-end look and-feel through contemporary art direction and considered photography, establishing a new look that was recognisable as Hilltop.

We will also shortly be producing a range of seasonal/ recipe content that will demonstrate the flexibility of honey as an ingredient by showing it in use across food and drink as an “all meal occasion” used to enhance all sorts of dishes, and not just a luxury indulgence.

Watch this space for more sticky, oozy, runny deliciousness coming soon….