Case Study: Joie – Online Campaign
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For Mother’s Day 2022, Joie required content that demonstrated their strong commitment to mothers everywhere. Highlighting their links with Liverpool Football Club and the local community.

​​The main structure of the video was composed of interviews with both local children and members of the LFC Women’s team. These interviews brought authentic anecdotes about their own mothers, how important they are to them, and what Mother’s Day means to them.

Capturing the child-like stories as they said them in their own words, saw an innocent and genuine, heart-warming film that draws the viewer in. By showing these real-life recollections, we create a genuine connection with the audience. Empathising with and recognising our own stories within them.

By resonating with the viewers’ own experiences, we demonstrate Joie’s understanding of their customers through this sharing of common values.

We had a 2-camera set-up focusing on the participant. The interviewee addressed the main camera down-the-lens, as though they are speaking directly to the audience. The second camera was offset to the subject, providing additional cutaway shots to bring extra dynamism and authenticity to the staging.

Additional cutaway was filmed adding colour to the final edit. This also brought in reference to both product and the LFC wider environment.

We were able to showcase Joie, their partner Club and the products they produce, without diverting focus away from the main Mother’s Day message. Providing short and long versions of the main video, in different aspect ratios. The footage was used for online distribution and event showings