Case Study: LFC – Product Shoot

We were commissioned by LFC Retail to produce photography stills suitable for eCommerce, and social. Displaying a range of misc, art, and LFC memorabilia items to create the dream ‘Fan-Cave’.

Products featured in the range were to be sold on an international scale. So for the shoot, we wanted to have a complete product focus approach. The space was very neutral in colour, the set was only dressed with a sofa and simplistic surface areas.

The simple backdrop meant few limits on the placement and styling of the products. The use of yellow-hued lighting helped to capture a warm and cozy feel to the imagery, to reflect a relaxed space of a ‘Fan-cave’.

We captured a range of wide shots showing the whole set and close-up shots for smaller items and to showcase finer details of the collection.

The assets have been used and featured globally in shops and online. We were commissioned again for the next year to capture the new ‘Fan-Cave’ line.