Case Study: Claire House – Brand Awareness Animation
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Claire House Children’s Hospice was running an inspirational Christmas Campaign focusing on nurses.

The charity didn’t want it to be a crisis appeal, but instead wanted to uplift and inspire people to donate to Claire House, by telling them about the vital work of their nurses.

We interviewed a number of the care team’s children, generating an authentic unscripted narrative for the video.

The use of animation allowed us to bring the narrative to life, without the need to encroach on the privacy of patients or stage a scene.

We used a rainbow as a creative device – a symbol that has become synonymous with the nation’s special appreciation for our nurses  – and carried the bright, bold colours throughout the animation, which was designed to be almost child-like in style to complement the voice-over.

We created a moving and passionate charity video with a clear all to action, that prompted audience response action without the need to actively tug on heartstrings.

The honesty and pride captured in the voice-over generated both emotion and feel-good factor in the viewers.

Watch the video above to see the results and remember to donate if you can.