Case Study: EFL Cup – Promotional Milestone Video
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EFL, the governing body of the English football league clubs, commissioned us to create a video celebrating the 60th year of the League Cup, sponsored by Carabao.

To showcase iconic moments and players of the League Cup we took the creative approach of a motion graphic video. This allowed us to get creative with the range of archive footage that has been collected.

We wrote a voice-over script as the main narration running through the video. The visuals are an aid, reacting to what the voice-over says. This helps to build up the emotional pace of the content. The pacing is slow and epic tone, allowing each mentioned moment its time to shine. For new audiences, this is a great introduction to the history of the League Cup without being overwhelmed. However, for avid watchers, it allows them time to reminisce.

The video we produced was broadcasted across television in the build-up to the 60th League cup.