Animation Case Study: EFL – Animated Commercial Video
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To help promote the English Football League’s (EFL) new online web platform, iFollow, Zút were commissioned to develop a creative style that could be used across their various channels. 

They required a suite with shareable assets that could be used across the football season and beyond to drive brand/product awareness of iFollow and what it offers fans, leading to growth in subscriptions.

Our approach was to stir up emotion in fans by conveying the excitement of live sport and special moments in the game, whilst also appealing to their affinity, passion and devotion to their club.

Creating content for a league rather than a club posed creative challenges as we couldn’t focus on any individual club within the league without risking alienating part of the potential audience. 

Our creative approach to overcoming this was to use a cell-animation, stop-motion approach, that converted EFL footage into a hand-drawn illustrative style.

To support the campaign different edits were created for the EFL itself and each individual club within the league, encouraging each club to share the videos on their social feeds and create some noise amongst the football community about iFollow.