3D Animation Case Study: Full Support Group Product Video
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Full Support Group had developed their Easimask range of reusable respirators and wanted to be able to promote it to new markets. As a functional piece of equipment, they were looking for a way to highlight the benefits in a more interesting and attractive way.

To tackle this brief we used 3D animation techniques to render a 3D model of the product. This allowed us to show things in a way that you can’t do physically, by deconstructing the product.

This deconstructed view allowed us to show the mask from different, more interesting angles and highlight some of its different selling points.

The full video was styled in a white, clinical look to help make it appeal to the medical industry and show the mask in a more premium looking way that would have mass appeal.

The video was used as an online visual product brochure, to help push business to business sales into the medical industry.

Watch the video above to see the results for yourself.