Corporate Case Study Videos: Health Assured
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Health Assured has a client list of over 70,000 across the UK and Ireland and helps organisations of all sizes.

In order to show how they are able to help such an array of businesses, they required a series of client testimonial videos.

For these videos, our approach was to focus solely on their clients and the employees who work for them. This allowed for each of the films to be more distinctive and make the storytelling more personal, emotive and compelling.

The content was developed around high-quality interviews with representatives of each of the organisations, overlaid with high-quality, atmospheric ‘hero’ shots of each location’s key internal and external features. Using slider cutaways, timelapse photography and hyper lapse techniques we brought life, dynamism and a cinematic presentation to each shot sequence.

We produced a main video for each case study, plus a set of social media edits. Watch the video above to see the results for yourself.