Case Study: Health Assured – Peace of Mind Podcast
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We were asked by Health Assured to produce a podcast series. To connect clients, made available through its app My Healthy Advantage.

Rather than feeling like an interview, we wanted the podcasts to be more conversational creating a natural feel. We built the natural feel by using a two camera set-up. Switching the shot to focus on which expert is talking. This also helps in keeping the viewer’s attention, and it is enhanced and engaged in what is being said.

The lighting and environment of these podcasts were important. They needed to be respectful of potential difficult subject matter that the councillors discussed. As well as not feeling too sombre.

We found locations either within the Health Assured HQ or at an external site that both lent a suitable backdrop on screen and made the councillors feel at ease. We also spoke with the councillors before filming each podcast to get them into a comfortable state so on camera they were relaxed, confident and open to speak.

To give each podcast a high-end and polished feel we added a bookend to each video with motion graphics and a specially designed animated logo.

The current podcast series contains 12 episodes that are shot and edited once a month. So far the series has amassed thousands of views over Health Assured digital platforms.