Case Study: Hilltop Honey – Product Photography

Hilltop was looking for fresh, creative, and standout imagery to use their social campaigns. We were commissioned to produce content that helped raise the profile of the brand and position itself as the first option honey customers thought of. Hilltop wanted the assets to showcase their natural and eco-friendly approach which relates to their core company values.

We identified categories for still creative that could be applied across the product range, allowing us to create a full range of imagery with a consistent style.

To help with brand awareness we captured the products in full, with colourful sets but keeping a focus on the product so it could stand out.

The use of props allowed us to dress the set and tell more of a story that related to Hilltop, hinting at the products and sustainable environment in which the honey is made. We also used macro and close-up shots, showing the purity of the honey.

We were able to capture a variety of colourful and standout stills in different formats, suitable for multi-channel use. The imagery hit the client’s objectives, helping to move forward with a solid brand identity.