Case Study: Joie x LFC – Content Strategy
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Baby product brand Joie is the official family partner of LFC, together creating a range of co-branded products and caring initiatives.

To highlight the partnership Joie commissioned Zút to create a series of co-branded content that would appeal to the LFC fanbase, whilst subtly raising awareness of the Joie brand.

Beginning with a discovery session to get under the skin of the Joie brand and values, we created a strategy for a series of content that would resonate with LFC fans, whilst celebrating family values and raising awareness of Joie.

Through our previous experience in creating dual-branded content, we knew that the use of product placement had to be restrained and the content entertaining for it to be well-received by fans, so kept this in mind when developing each creative treatment.

Video 1 – World Children’s Day

In celebration of World Children’s Day Joie donated 40 push chairs to families in the local Liverpool community. This video tells that story, providing insights from the charity groups who co-ordinated the donations and players from the LFC Women’s team.  


Video 2 – Mothers’ Day

This video was designed to demonstrate Joie’s strong commitment to mothers everywhere, whilst showcasing authentic Liverpool voices and positioning Joie as a brand to trust, that understands its customers. 

To achieve this we interviewed both local school children and members of the LFC Women’s team about their own mothers, how important they are to them, and what Mother’s Day means to them, creating a heart-warming film that drew viewers in creating a genuine connection with the audience, who could recognise their own stories within them.


Video 3 – Matt Beard Interview

For this video Matt Beard, the LFCW Manager, was interviewed by local school children. They key to the success of the video was the unfiltered approach, which allowed us to highlight the authentic innocence and playfulness of the children.