Case Study: LCR 4.0 – Digital Promotional Campaign
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In order to encourage more SMEs to get involved VEC commissioned several case study videos. Each of the videos will feature 1 SME that has participated in the LCR 4.0 project and has benefited greatly from the world-class facilities and expert advice on offer.

We developed the content around high-quality interviews. Each of the beneficiaries of the facility took part. Shot on location at their place of business using high-end equipment and edited to give a cinematic quality to the film.

High-quality, atmospheric ‘hero’ shots of each location’s key internal and external features are intercut with interviews, utilising slider cutaways, timelapse photography and hyper-lapse techniques. This brings life and dynamism to each shot sequence, creating the overall impression of a more cinematic presentation.

All videos have a narrative that demonstrated clearly the value the project has to individual businesses, the manufacturing community and the Liverpool City Region as a whole.

The case study videos were used in a promotional drive ahead of Manufacturing Week in September to reach as many suitable SMEs as possible. The videos are still featured on digital channels to spread awareness of the LCR 4.0 project.