Case Study: LFC Retail – Creative Retail Campaign
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For the Spring Summer 2020 retail campaign, we were commissioned by LFC Retail to create a multimedia campaign. Instead of a whole apparel range, LFC Retail released capsule collections, to be set under a single creative execution.

We creates the YNWA film a unique look and feel, by situating the film in two realms. Our chosen location constitutes the first realm, for fashion-orientated shots. The second realm is then the Real World, where our models are situated within chosen Liverpool urban locations. We move between the two and create a story; the clothes are being forged in this ‘fashion realm’ with the players, and then taken out onto the streets of Liverpool by the fans.

To create striking footage we used built-in kino flow lighting and hard key lights. The addition of smoke and softly lit shots of the product will all help to give the film the right balance of attitude and commercial appeal. We shot the film using a mix of camera operation and quality. The ‘primary camera’ was a high-quality 4kHD format, used in a more composed and locked-off fashion.

Then, to stitch the edit together we used a more loose and freeform camera style, with a noticeable difference in film ‘quality’. Although this didn’t decrease the quality of the overall look of the film it gave a distinctive difference and on-trend look to elements of the video piece.

We produced the video in different formats. Long and short-form video, in different dimensions for various digital channels. We also supplied photography for promotional and commercial use.