Case Study: LFC – Stadium Tour Promotional Video
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We were commissioned by LFC to produce a series of interactive media content for the Anfield Stadium Tour, bringing the rich history of the Club to life for visitors to the stadium, and making the tour experience much more engaging for the fans.

Our strategy was to create a film the cinematic quality of a movie trailer. We started in a place of intrigue as a hook to fans, using dramatic music that builds to a crescendo and stirred emotions, revealing parts of the tour at the end.

Drawing from the Club’s rich archive and unprecedented access to staff, players past and present, and behind-the-scenes areas, we showcased aspects of the Club within the exhibition that can only be enjoyed from within the tour itself.

The resulting film drove interest in the tours and enriched the visitor experience for fans of the Club from around the world. 

Watch the video above to see the results for yourself.