Case Study: Marketing Liverpool – Digital Commercial
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Marketing Liverpool wished to commission a high quality video that captured the essence of  Christmas in Liverpool. The video needed to be timeless, inspirational and promote Liverpool as a must-see Christmas destination for families, showcasing a range of the city’s top Christmas attractions.

Our strategy was to focus on a young family and document the highlights of their stay during a festive visit to liverpool, using high-value cinematography techniques to create Christmas film that promoted Liverpool’s iconic locations and attractions. 

By shooting late afternoon/early evening we captured the magic of Christmas lights and bustling streets, set against the golden hours of dusk.  Use of time-lapse photography allowed us to bring out the full colour range of the Christmas lighting, whilst creating a dreamlike feel to the shots.

The Feels Like Christmas video was shot during Christmas period and rolled out across TV and digital platforms on the run up to Christmas the following year.