Case Study: Merseyrail -3D TV Commercial
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The Christmas period provides Merseyrail with a crucial opportunity to encourage customers to use the train for leisure travel and enjoy Christmas experiences in the city.

Merseyrail wanted a campaign that created excitement, captured the spirit of Christmas and stood out from the noise in order to increase leisure travel by inspiring passengers to travel via train during the Christmas period.

Christmas 2021 was about celebrating the return of the festivities. For this video we wanted to capture this excitement and the eager anticipation for the opportunity to be able to reconnect again with people.

From meeting friends for Christmas drinks …to giving hugs and gifts to loved ones …to work seasonal parties …to Christmas markets …and much more.

Tying all these activities together was the message that travelling by Merseyrail is a great way to enjoy the festivities.

For the visual concept we created a 3D animation of a snowglobe which housed animations of all the christmas activities happening within it, plus of course a Merseyrail train circling all the action.

The project resulted in a 30 second TV commercial that aired on regional TV and a set of animated videos for social media, created in various formats for different channels.