Case Study: Old Royal Naval College – Destination Photography

Situated within the World Heritage Site Maritime Greenwich, you find the Old Royal Naval College. To continue its growth as a major tourist attraction, ORNC underwent a rebranding programme that aims to position it as a premier visitor destination within London. We were asked to support this programme, with refreshed photography assets that would be suitable for use across their marketing materials and campaigns.

A heavy emphasis of the creative for this shoot was people, family, and children, reacting to the environment and activities they discover whilst visiting the Old Royal Naval College.

To match the ORNC branding we opted for a simple and balanced composition, styling the models in blocked coloured clothing so they weren’t lost within the fine architectural details.

When framing shots we kept the models in close proximity to each other helping to focus on their expressions and interactions with the spaces.  Keeping the focus point in one place also allowed us to expand the frame to show the scale of the College.

With the various locations and example activities to capture, we were able to provide a diverse range of edited assets, in different formats that the client could take and use for various marketing materials of their choice.

The simplistic, matching photography has allowed the client to continue to use the imagery for a number of years, without it looking dated.