Case Study: ProMOTION EV1 – Digital Marketing Strategy

Swellaway Ltd. initially appointed Zút to create a series of creative video and photography content to support the launch of their new product, the ProMOTION EV1, but soon realised that they needed a broader content strategy to sit behind the campaign and really get the most from their content, so turned to us for support.

We created an initial six-month product launch campaign, encompassing phases of awareness, education and reaction to build and engage a number of niche target audiences.

We devised a content, marketing and measurement model; mapping content, channel messaging and KPIs to each stage of the audience consideration funnel.

The campaign was fully managed by Zút’s in-house marketing team and incorporated:

  • Devising and managing a social media strategy, with content created by our graphic designers and motion designers
  • An in-depth digital marketing strategy to drive and convert relevant website traffic
  • An email marketing campaign, written, designed and delivered by us
  • Planning and preparation for a large expo event
  • PR support, planning and copywriting