Case Study: RIBA – Elevate Awards with Promotional Video
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​​For the past five years, we have produced the event presentation for the RIBA Presidents’ Medals Awards ceremony in London. They commissioned us to manage and provide content for the awards show.

RIBA has an international network so not everyone can be in attendance on the night. The videos aid non-attendees in the portrayal of the evening and add gravitas to the process.

In particular, we focus on capturing the judging panel when deciding the winners. Judges are flown in from around the world to take part in the deliberation. Giving the viewer a window to see how the choice was made. There were references included to the finalist’s work in recognition of the hard work they have done to get this far.

The institute’s base in London was the perfect backdrop for the main video produced. Cutaway of RIBA’s iconic premises in Portland Place illustrates the long heritage and prestige of these awards. Animated stings and introductory segments are designed and created to tie in with the overall event theme.

The questions asked teased out the judge’s honest interpretation of the selection conclusion. We also wanted their real verdict on the crop of students’ work, again to help show insight to the decisions made.

The attendees have high praise in response to the event. The videos help to build up the excitement for the results and create a premium ambience.