Case Study: Supermarine Spitfire – 3D Informational Video
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The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery commissioned us to create a range of video content that could be played within a new Spitfire exhibition in the gallery.

Our first step was to establish a “house style” for all the content required, given that the pieces would be viewed within the same exhibition. 

We treated the films as chapters of the same story, each with a unique theme, but collectively creating one perspective.

Making the content visually eye-catching to entice and engage the viewer was particularly  important given that they will be played within an exhibition, surrounded by a plethora of related material and objects.

To achieve this we combined bespoke illustrations, historic imagery and archive footage in a cinematic style, woven together to tell a visually-rich story.

Using 3D animation we were able to show in depth information about the Spitfire and its history, including its design, technical ability, important missions, its importance and effect during WWII, and the memory of the people who flew it.

We created 3D Spitfire models that transitioned from a schematic through to the fully realised plane, giving us the option to look at specific parts of the plane such as the propeller or gun synchronizer. 

The addition of animated map graphics allowed to to integrate key data and archive photos for historical narratives.

All of the videos needed to be subtitled, so we made this a key consideration of the creative treatment, making the text an integral part of the overall aesthetic.

We created a series of four 4 emotive and informational animated films that went live in the exhibition and on the gallery’s website in 2021 focussing on; the Basics of Flight; The Characteristics of the Spitfire; The Evolution of the Design and The Work of Reginald Mitchell and Supermarine Aviation.

We also created a suite of graphic assets that were used across all media channels, widening their use and the reach of the marketing for the exhibition.

Watch the video above for an example of this work.