Case Study: The Jockey Club – Promotional Video
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The Grand National Weights Lunch is an annual event attended by over 250 of the great and the good of British Horse Racing.

People come from all ends of the UK and don’t necessarily know lots about Liverpool but do have fond memories of their time during the Grand National.The Grand National is the People’s Race and there’s a huge sense of belonging and ownership of the race, it means a lot to Liverpool

The Jockey Club wanted a video that could capture the essence, culture and heritage of the city and set the stage for the event.

Our strategy for this short film was to feature local spoken word artist, Amina Atiq as a  narrator, delivering lines of poetry in iconic locations, cut together with dynamic shots of the city – highlighting arts, culture, history and sport.

It was  a vivid, kinetic, whistle stop tour around the city, offering tantalising glimpse of the past, present and future, deliberately show sides of Liverpool you would least expect. Going beyond the cliches and giving a truer, authentic take of the city – bursting with life and energy.

The video was received fantastically well at the Weights event and over subsequent social media activity.

Watch the video above to see the result for yourself.