Case Study: Vertu Motors Yorkshire Cricket – Campaign Videos
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Vertu Motors partnered with Durham Cricket, Yorkshire County Cricket Club, and Newcastle Eagles Foundation & team. They commissioned a series of videos focused on the detail of professional sport. Exploring how details can make a difference to overall performance. Creating a link between the Vertu Motors brand strap-line ‘It’s all in the Detail’.

Each episode of the video series is comprised of individual interviews with members of each partner club. The interviews focus on how their pursuit of excellence leads them to seek marginal gains in every aspect of their training and preparation. Tying in the theme of attention to detail and hard work.

By creating a cinematic look and feel, we engaged the viewer from the first frame. By making no overt reference to the corporate partner until right at the end of each episode, we built intrigue and interest maintaining the viewer’s attention throughout.

We adopted techniques such as a montage of action, interview, and cutaway shots. These styles built a picture of the athlete’s routines during a typical training regime. A mixture of wide shots, intercut with closer shots at offset angles brought the audience into the details.

For Interviews, we conducted each at the participant’s place of work, for a familiar relaxed environment.  Allowing the interview to be as conversational and relaxed as possible. This was important as a relaxed and natural delivery, lead to an authentic tone. Giving the film more of a documentary style, rather than a corporate film feel.

The series produced was published weekly across the summer of 2021 through multiple digital platforms.