Case Study: Wattbike – Partnership Announcement Video
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Smart bike brand Wattbike were embarking on a 3-year partnership deal with global sports icon, the New Zealand All Blacks. 

To announce the partnership they needed a set of content and turned to us to create it for them.

Central to the campaign was a video that would create intrigue and deliver one single message: Wattbike is officially All Black.

Our creative approach for the video was shooting black on black, using light and shade to highlight the bike and its features. 

To generate the desired effect, all the shots of the bikes were 3D renders created by our animators. This allowed us to precisely control when the light falls and fades to black, timed to the iconic sound of the Haka, which played throughout.

We created a visual assets to amplify this exciting new partnership. The assets were used across a targeted campaign on YouTube, paid and organic social media.

Watch the video above to see the results for yourself.