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We elevate brands to build awareness, improve communication, generate sales, and ultimately achieve their business goals through powerful corporate video production. 

From devising your content strategy to concept generation and scripting, through to pre-production, shooting your video and all aspects of post-production
– we’ve got it covered.

The video production stage is where you see results from our creative process and strategy coming together to create the WOW! you’ve been looking for.

Corporate Video Production

From brand films and elevator pitches to ethos attention grabbers, to training videos and client case studies, we work with businesses across a wide range of sectors

We get under the skin of the brands we work with to deliver authentic and impactful corporate video production and content. A website can only do so much. With video, you can do something words can’t. 

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What do corporate videos do?

Video content is the perfect medium to communicate many messages.

Corporate videos are a great way for audiences to understand your business quickly and clearly; and in a matter of seconds take away what you stand for and what you can do for them.

Rather than focussing on your products or services, your corporate video (also known as a brand video) will tell the story of your business and make your brand more personable and memorable.

What are the types of corporate videos?

Brand videos
Designed to reinforce your brand identity and core messaging, these videos help build awareness, recognition and understanding of your brand.

Recruitment videos
Talking directly to potential employees is a great way to make a good first impressions and set the scene for what a new employee might expect if they come to work for you.

Internal communications video
Want to share an important update with your team but don’t want to send an email? Send a video instead! These days workforces can be spread all over the country or even the world so it’s not always possible to have personal conversations. Video enables you to deliver messaging personally, without the need to physically be there.

Video Testimonials
A good testimonial can be exceptionally powerful, especially if you can see and hear the person providing it and have no doubt as to its authenticity.

Training videos
If you have a large team to train, recoding training videos rather than delivering sessions over and over to small groups can massively improve efficiency and ensure consistency of delivery. If you have teams around the country, using videos will make your training accessible wherever they are, with no travel costs or expensive room hire.

Industrial videos
If you are selling technical products or services to industry, you may need to provide a more in-depth explanation or demonstration. Like any other buyers, industrial purchasers develop trust in a company is they can see and understand what they’re buying.

What makes a good corporate video?

The best corporate videos are the ones that not only tell the story of the brand, but bring it to life.

For your video to be effective it needs to be professional, but that doesn’t mean it can’t show personality. If this video is the only thing your audiences will see to pass judgement on your business, then it needs to captivate them, wow them, and leave a lasting impression.

A good script is a good starting point to creating a good corporate video. Whilst it can be very tempting to try and get as much of the good stuff your businesses is doing as possible into your script, less is usually more. If you cram in too much information, then you risk losing your audience.

Our approach is to establish the one or two key messages you absolutely must get across and focus on these. Once you have made an impact with your video, you can fill in the rest later.

Why is corporate video important?

Your corporate video tells your story and has the power to connect them emotionally to your business. They are a great introduction to a brand and have far more impact than a brochure or email.

As well as showcasing your brand, embedding video content on your website will help to boost the SEO of your site and increase your advantage over your competitors. If your video is engaging, it will retain traffic on your website for longer and create the desire to learn more.

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