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The fashion and beauty industries are constantly evolving. We ensure our fashion video production, creative and content move as fast and is always bang on trend.

From devising your content strategy to concept generation and scripting, through to pre-production, shooting your video and all aspects of post-production
– we’ve got it covered.

The video production stage is where you see results from our creative process and strategy coming together to create the WOW! you’ve been looking for.

Fashion Video Production

Showcasing the best of your brand and products in a creative, authentic and unique way is essential. Our approach evolves with the trends as much as your industry, and fashion and beauty brands like Harvey Nichols, LFC Retail and Castore trust us to develop their creative, campaign content and marketing.

We get the best out of talent and take the time to understand your product and audiences to communicate the benefits and USPs in a powerful, engaging way.

Check out our work below. 


How we work with Fashion & Beauty brands


We will get under the skin of your brand and your target customers, understanding what makes them tick and delivering creative concepts that addresses their drivers.

Content Strategy

Don’t worry if you don’t already have a strong content strategy in place. We create content strategies for clients that ensure the content we create is working to achieve your business objectives and engaging audiences at every phase of the customer journey, from first exposure to long-term brand loyalty.

Marketing campaigns and influencers

Our marketing and paid media specialists live and breathe fashion and beauty marketing. Influencers have become a key part of the beauty and fashion marketing arsenal and we’ll develop tailored influencer strategies for you.


If you are taking your brand to TV, we will use our experience to create content designed expeculky for this channel, drawing on our years of experiences of creating hard-hitting TV campaigns for brands.


Capturing the right images to showcase your brand, products and story is essential to get right but can be hard to achieve.

To make sure we hit the mark, we will work with you long-before your shoot day, providing creative concepts, art direction, location scouting, casting, styling and planning the day to get maximum value from your budget.

What makes a stand-out Fashion or Beauty Campaign

In today’s market, having a great product is simply not enough for fashion and beauty brands. Consumers are more educated about the industry, creating higher expectations and only those brands who showcase authentic and ethical brand values can really stand out from the ever-growing crowd.

Presenting your brand in the most authentic light and telling the story of what makes you different, is now one of the most important aspects in achieving a successful fashion or beauty campaign, over and above beautiful images or celebrity endorsements.

How to make the most of Fashion & Beauty content

The answer is simple: A Strong Content Strategy. With this as your starting point, you are much more likely to create content that speaks directly to your target audiences and helps you achieve your goals.

Understanding your USPs and audience needs is crucial to creating content that will be valuable and increase returns. By achieving this we can create content that is inspiring and engaging, increasing brand loyalty and trust from consumers.

From start to finish we can facilitate the content creation process, from creating your strategy right through to activating your campaign.

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