Post Production
Video Editing

We curate the best clips to weave a narrative. Whether it’s capturing the raw emotion of a piece to camera, framing a shot to perfection, or crafting a fast-tempo cut, we ensure every moment contributes to the story’s impact.

Colour Grading

Our colourists ensure consistency and harmony across all visual elements. From tonal adjustments to colour correction, we refine every frame to enhance the overall aesthetic and ensure a cohesive look

Animation and Motion graphics

Through dynamic animation and motion graphics, we bring your brand to life. Utilising typography, shapes, icons, photographs, textures, and brand features, we convey information and messaging with clarity.

Sound Design and Mixing

What you hear in a commercial is as important as what you see. Sound is an integral part of storytelling, and we understand its power to evoke emotion. Our team carefully selects music and sound effects that complement the visual narrative.

Advertising Compliance

Ensuring compliance with broadcast standards is essential for a successful commercial. We collaborate closely with ClearCast, the regulatory body responsible for reviewing and clearing British advertising, to ensure that your ideas are viable for clearance and meet all necessary regulations.


As well as producing crisp, clean audio, we handle all elements of podcast production and radio advertisements

TV Idents

We specialise in crafting captivating TV idents that not only grab attention but leave a lasting impression.

Offline Editing

Offline editing marks the initial phase of the editing journey, crafting the ‘draft cut’. Here, editors use lower-quality footage to map out shot sequences and storytelling over refinement.

Online Editing

During the online editing phase, the focus is to create a final cut. Editors kick off with the EDL to establish the desired look in terms of cuts and pacing. However, they then dive into the finer points, working with the complete footage to perfect every aspect of the production.


Our Digital imaging technicians (DITs) work to ensure that dailies or rushes (the raw, unedited footage shot) are delivered promptly.