Production Planning

Our dedicated team ensures every aspect of your shoot runs seamlessly. From sourcing locations, props, and talent to assigning directors, crew, and equipment, we handle it all. Whether it’s a small-scale studio shoot or a large-scale location production with hundreds of extras. We also take care of risk assessments and maintaining health and safety on set.


With a talented internal team of 35 professionals, we’re equipped to handle various crew needs. However, we understand that every project is unique. That’s why we also maintain a trusted network of freelancers, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to meet your specific requirements.


Our production team manages sourcing and talent, whether you need presenters, actors, extras, models, or voice-over artists. We pride ourselves in finding up-and-coming talent. We take care of tapes and interviews.

Location scouting

Drawing from our wealth of knowledge and experience in logistics and permissions we can find the perfect locations to bring your vision to life.
We source locations and ensure that permits are in place.

Set design and build

From crafting custom props to fabricating intricate scenery and creating dynamic lighting effects, we transform spaces into immersive environments that captivate and inspire.

Wardrobe and styling

We start by understanding your project’s goals and style preferences. Then, we utilise our extensive network to find the ideal wardrobe pieces. Once curated, our skilled stylists coordinate outfits and accessories.

Hair and makeup

Our team of skilled artists specialises in enhancing natural beauty, creating striking looks that perfectly complement your project’s vision.


We have an internal roster of Directors with experience across all sectors. We also have a wide network of trusted freelance Directors that we can call on when a job has specific needs.