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Taking ideas from storyboard to screen

We’re passionate storytellers dedicated to inspiring emotional connections through video production services. From brand stories to powerful product demos, we generate cut-through videos made with passion, heart and soul.

From devising your content strategy to concept generation and scripting, through to pre-production, shooting your video and all aspects of post-production
– we’ve got it covered.

The video production stage is where you see results from our creative process and strategy coming together to create the WOW! you’ve been looking for.

Video Production Services

The video production stage is where you see results from our creative process coming together.

Our team of creatives, production and marketing specialists work together throughout the process, ensuring your video production has creative flair, technical excellence, and delivers in line with your content strategy and marketing objectives. Check out our services below.


Video Content Strategy

This is where is all starts. An audience-centric approach to content planning, atomising and tailoring each piece for the touchpoints with your audiences.

Creative Concept & Storyboarding

Creative concepts but be audience-driven to cut through the noise.

We present creative options to you in storyboard form along with the creative treatments we recommend to tell your story and bring it to life on screen.


The scriptwriter’s job is to evolve your storyboard into a narrative that tells a story with the right pace and information for optimal engagement.


This is the planning time to ensure everything comes together to guarantee a successful shoot. It includes everything from sourcing locations, designing and building sets, casting actors, extras, models or voice-over artists, to managing the project timelines and shoot call sheets.



Cutting edge cameras, lenses, lighting and sound equipment for small to epic productions.



Location, Location, Location

Knowledge and experience from logistics to permissions, to finding the right ones is where we’re at.


Presenters, actors, extras, models or voice-over artists, our production team can handle sourcing and managing the  talent.

Direction on Set

In video production, the director’s role is to bring all the creative elements together on set, ensuring every bit of footage and shots needed in post-production are captured.

Drone Footage

Drone footage can be shot in most locations with the right licence, equipment and permissions. We have qualified drone pilots with extensive experience.

Animation, CGI & SFX

We’re proud to have some of the best CGI experts in the business.

Motion graphics, 2D animations and 3D animations add another dimension to your video production. Add in CGI and Visual Effects (VFX) and suddenly anything is possible, catapulting your video to the next dimension in storytelling potential.


Music & Sound Effects

Selecting the right audio to elevate your video is vital. Music helps set pace, join up the narrative and draw attention to key moments, and use of sound effects can turn a good piece of video into an exceptional one.

We have access to a vast library of fully licenced music to carefully select the right track for each production and brand.

Photography on Set

Documenting your shoot with photography provides  additional content to complement your marketing campaign.

Editing & Colour Grading

Our editors seamlessly stitch and weave footage, animations and visual assets setting it to sound.

Colour grading comes last to reflect the mood and sentiment of the video supporting its visual identity and feel.

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