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We bring to life what makes a place special on a deeper level to deliver authentic, aspirational tourism and destination content with powerful narrative through our destination marketing services.

From devising your content strategy to concept generation and scripting, through to pre-production, shooting your video and all aspects of post-production
– we’ve got it covered.

The video production stage is where you see results from our creative process and strategy coming together to create the WOW! you’ve been looking for.

Destination Marketing Services

Each month, travel videos make up over 100 million YouTube unique views. Unsurprisingly, showcasing destinations and attractions is best done in video format. 

We work with national and regional tourist boards for all types of destination marketing. The key to our success is in the detail that translates into a showcase of a place’s full potential in all its glory to drive interest, ticket sales, and footfall.

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What makes a stand-out destination marketing campaign?

The best destination campaigns have a strong story and powerful narrative. Through commanding and emotive storytelling, these stand-out campaigns combine powerful production with creativity, to engage and create an instant connection between the audience and your destination.

How Zut’s destination marketing works

At Zút we approach your destination as a brand and ask:

“What makes your destination unique? Why do you love it?”

By pinpointing the unique benefits your destination has to offer, we can identify the best story to tell to capture the attention of potential visitors.

By visually capturing what you love about your destination we can create the authentic emotions that will make audiences share in your excitement.

The rise of the machines

The use of aerial footage can give destination marketers a unique opportunity to showcase an attraction and give audiences a perspective of a place that they aren’t used to seeing.

With today’s drone technology, providing that birds-eye view experience can be accomplished surprisingly cost-effectively and take your video to another level.

Our top tips for Creating Captivating Destination Marketing Content

1. Developing tailored messaging for different market segments to deepen your relationship with each demographic

2. Create a more intimate view of your destination by telling personal, first-hand stories. Fly on the wall/ behind the scenes documentary styles are great for this

3. Put a spotlight on the people who make your destination great

4. Creating visually captivating, cinematic videos can really resonate with viewers

5. Build an asset library of content with a shelf life that allows you to share content regularly

6. Whatever you make, ensure it is engaging and authentic

7. Get value from your Hero piece. From each shoot you should be aiming to create your main advert for TV / your website, plus a range of secondary content for social

8. Repurpose your video content to create testimonials for use in text, infographics etc

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